Thursday, February 26, 2015

Savvy's tooth...

This was yesterday while waiting for the bus. 
After she came home from school...
And now this morning. She refuses to pull it out unless she is at school. Unfortunately today is a snow day! If she pulls the tooth out while at school, The nurse gives her a mini treasure chest to put the tooth in. It's that treasure chest that she's holding out for!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New York

First night in NY. April got lost on the subway system and we barely made it into this yummy Thai restaurant for a 11pm dinner. Later in the Hotel, Brinn would push out her belly saying "I ate so much!" When really she was announcing the pregnancy of her sixth child (a boy)!!

April and I eating breakfast in the hotel. 
Subway snapshot
Times Square

Top of the Rock!!  Central Park in the background. 
Merry Christmas

Radio City Hall. FREEZING COLD!

Ground Zero

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. We met a friend from South Africa, Jesse. 

Brinn and I with Lady Liberty
Jesse and I with the Brooklyn skyline. 

Penn Station where I was the first to leave. I LOVE THESE WOMEN!!

Family Pictures 2014

Round three

Brody had his third round of stitches this week. He had issues with a bunk bed. That didn't deter him from running around in his usual maniacal way! He was egging Keegan into wrestling matches and throwing himself onto the couch pillows at full speed. 

This was the morning after picture...
And today's picture. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Keegan fall 2014

First day of school 2014

Keegan's 1st day of preschool.

Keegan is LOVING pre school. He attends the program through the local high school and gets one on one attention every day. It's also fun that Avery Long is in the same class!

Finn turns 10!

Finn STILL loves all things Lego, Star Wars and red. He still loves his green shirts. Why if his favorite color is red, does he always want to wear green?

For my birthday present this year, Finn gave Keegan a bath!! It was so cool!  Finn loves his siblings unless they steal his Legos or hog the iPad. 

Finn is taking both piano and Saxophone lessons this year. He loves to play kickball at recess as well as with the kids on our street. The kids also run through all the neighbors yards shooting each other with Nerf guns. 

He is super happy to have graduated to Weeblo and loves Scouts. Without knowing, He chose grilled cheese again for his birthday dinner. ;0)

Being the "man" of the house has been different but almost always he rises to the occasion and is a HUGE help to me!

As I was giving him his haircut last week he said, "my hair is getting darker red. I've always wanted it to be more red!" Indeed, it is darkening. I love it too!!

Fall / Halloween 2014

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Morning...

Since today was Daylight Savings, all the kids were up at what they thought was 7:30 am but was really 6:30 am.  Because we were all up so early, we had plenty of time to get ready for church.  I bribed the kids with Halloween candy if they posed for this picture.  Getting candy right after breakfast is so rare in this house that they all signed on!

I look at this picture and can't believe they are MINE!  I am so blessed to have these spirits in my life.  I am so blessed to be able to love and teach them while they are here on Earth.  I feel tremendous responsibility when I think of just how special and important these Spirits are.  I get to teach them to follow Jesus Christ.  I get to help them learn and grow into the best possible "selves" they can be.  They bring so much life and light to my existence.  They make my heart SING.  I never thought I could love 5 kids all the same amount but I do.  My heart has grown with each child and continues to each day that I wake up to their smiling (sometimes screaming and crying) faces.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No description necessary...

 Yes, that is snot.

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